Tennessee Confederate Physicians


Quite often we find evidence of physicians who served the Confederacy unstintingly, yet do not have service records among the Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers, as found in the National Archives. This work is an attempt to index six different sources from which we have found evidence of Tennessee physicians who participated in the support of the Confederacy.

As with any list of this type, there are certainly errors and omissions. If you have documentary evidence of additional Tennessee Confederate physicians, please send that evidence to us at the Tennessee State Library and Archives, where we will maintain an updated list.

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Sources of Information
  • S.H.S. = Southern Historical Society Papers (E483.7 .S76, Volume 22)
    A "Roster of Medical Officers in the Army of Tennessee" was published in volume 22 of the Southern Historical Society Papers in 1894. This roster sometimes gives a unit designation, sometimes names the hospital location to which the physician was assigned, and may show the length of his service.
  • Lindsley = Military Annals of Tennessee (E579.4 .L75 1974)
    John B. Lindsley's Military Annals of Tennessee was published in Nashville in 1886. It lists the names of surgeons and assistant surgeons of some regiments, and often provides a history of that regiment's activities during the war.
  • TN in CW = Tennesseans in the Civil War (E579.4 .A53)
    Tennesseans in the Civil War was published in Nashville by the Civil War Centennial Commission in 1966. Although the entries are brief, it is the most complete list of Tennessee soldiers. Some physicians are designated as such; others are shown as enlisted men but have been identified as physicians based on other records. The service records of enlisted men can be found on microfilm at the Tennessee State Library and Archives. Service records of those physicians identified in the book as "F&S" (field and staff) are found in a different National Archives microfilm publication, which is not available at the Library and Archives.
  • Adj. Gen. = Register of the Adjutant General of the Confederacy (Manuscript Microfilm #1478)
    The source referenced in this column is a register of appointments of Confederate officers maintained by the Adjutant General of the Confederacy. The register is held by the National Archives in their collection of Confederate records. It can be found on Library and Archives Microfilmed Manuscript #1478. This register sometimes gives a unit assignment and date, but may only indicate to whom or where the physician was to report.
  • Prov. Army = Proceedings of the Medical Board of the Provisional Army of Tennessee (Record Group #21 [Adjutant General's Office], Vol. 62 [Labelled - Journal , 1861], Microfilm Reel 11)
    The Proceedings of the Medical Board of the Provisional Army of Tennessee were searched to provide the references in this column. This board was responsible for appointing physicians to serve with Tennessee troops in 1861, before Tennessee officially joined the Confederacy. These minutes may identify the regiment to which a physician was assigned, or they may simply indicate that a physician appeared before the board and was issued a certificate to practice medicine in the Army.
  • Stout Reg. = Register of Physicians (Manuscript Microfilm #782)
    These references are to a Register of Physicians kept by Samuel H. Stout, the Director of Hospitals in the Western Department of the Confederacy (which included Tennessee). This register is found on Library and Archives Microfilmed Manuscript #782. It gives very little identifying information. Generally entries in the Stout Register will show that a doctor was under contract to the department, and may show the amount he was paid for his services. These men were not necessarily all Tennesseans. We have indexed all the physicians named in this register in order not to omit any potential Tennessean.

 Listing of Physicians